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Chemical Engineering and Technology

(Master of Engineering)

Chemical Engineering and Technology Discipline is one of the most representative and distinct postgraduate program of Liaoning Shihua University with worldwide fame and great impact inside and inside China. It is selected as top-ranking discipline by Liaoning province and its subordinate research directions (Chemical Technology and Applied Chemistry)are named as key disciplines by the Ministry of Education. The Chemical Engineering and Technology Discipline includes five Master programs (Chemical Technology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis and Biochemical Engineering) and one cooperative Ph.D. Program (Industrial Catalysis). Since it was founded  a large number of high-level talents are cultivated for Chinese petrochemical industry.

Scientific research mainly focuses on petroleum cleaning and efficient processing, petrochemical catalyst, petrochemical biological engineering, new reaction and separation technology, unconventional processing of petroleum resources, novel coal chemical industry, biomass energy and others. Facing to Liaoning petrochemical industry and large-scale refining base, industry-university-research cooperation, scientific research, technology development and high-level personnel training are actively carried out.

Main courses:Applied Probability and Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Separation Engineering, Catalytic principle, Spectral analysis, Chemistry of Petrochemicals, Fine organic synthesis, Study on Heterogeneous Catalysts, Structure and Quantification Basis, Simulation and Optimization of Petroleum Processing, Modern Refining Technology, The technology of Heavy oil processing, Functional polymer, Introduction to Fine Chemicals, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Green chemistry, New Technology of Petrochemical Industry, Modern Analytic Testing Technology, Development of Petrochemical Process, New Technology of Clean Fuel Production, Applied Electrochemistry, Petrochemistry, Catalyst Design and Preparation, Colloid and Interface Chemistry, Science and Technology of Nano - Materials, Synthesis and Structure of Porous Materials, Chemical reaction kinetics, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Processing Engineering etc.



Academic Requirement: Bachelor Degree

HSK Requirement: No



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