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Mining Engineering

(Master of Engineering)


According to the current situation of production and technology development, the master program Mineral Engineering provided by Liaoning Shihua University aims to cultivates the engineering and technical talents and engineering management talents for mineral engineering industry. It requires students to master basic theories about mineral engineering, advanced techniques and methods, to understand the current situation and future development track and to individually solve relevant issues about mineral engineering, especially on the aspects of effective mining technology, controlling mine pressure, mining development etc..

Three different research directions are involved in this program: efficient and safe mining technology and optimized mining methods; safety engineering of mining (mining hazard prevention); underground construction (the technology about underground construction and mine pressure control).

Main Courses: Dialectics of Nature, Numerical Analysis, Applied Statistics, Rockmass Mechanics, Operational Research, Fundamentals and Applications of Finite Element Method, Fundamentals of FLAC Application, Fundamentals of FLAC Application, Mining Systems Engineering, Technology and Application of similarity simulation, Literature Review and Opening Report, Specialty Practice, New Mining Technique, New Safety Technology of Coal Mine, Mining Safety, Theory and Practice of Tunnel Support, Special Mining Method in Coal Mine, Theory and Technology of Geological  Hazard Control, Theory of Underground Engineering Structure, Optimization Method of Underground structure, Theory and Technology of Underground Engineering Support, Simulation of Mine Ventilation Network, Theory and Technology of Underground Engineering Blasting, Construction Technique of Underground Engineering etc..




Academic Requirement: Bachelor Degree

HSK Requirement: No



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6. English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)
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