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Civil Engineering

(Bachelor of Engineering)


This program is designed to cultivate a kind of highly qualified practical elite who will grasp basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering; who will be engaged in civil engineering design, construction and management; who will be engaged in petrochemical equipment installation and pipeline construction; who will obtain engineer basic training and possess spirit of innovation. 


Main Courses:Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Building Architecture, Design Principle of Concrete Structure, The Principle of Steel Structure Design, Brickwork Structure Design, Civil Engineering Construction, Earthquake Resistant Structure Design.




Academic Requirement: High School Degree

HSK Requirement: No



1. Apply at “Online Application System”
2. A passport photo 
3. Copy of whole passport 
4. Copy of your High-School degree transcript (Notarized English translation if applicable )
5. Copy of your High-School degree certificate (Notarized English translation if applicable)
6. English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)
7. Family financial statement