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Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

(Bachelor of Engineering)


This specialty aims at training advanced technical professionals that grasp the basic fundamental mechanical designing knowledge, application capacity and creativity spirit, engaging in designing, manufacturing, technical developing, applying, researching, operating management and marketing in the forefront of industrial production.


Main courses: Engineering Mechanics, Principle of Machinery, Mechanical Design, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Engineering Material for Mechanism, Fundamentals of Control Engineering, Fundamentals of Machine Manufacturing Technology, Electron-mechanical Transmission and Control, Mechanical CAD/CAM, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Digital Control Technology, Machinery Manufacture and Equipment design.



Academic Requirement: High School Degree

HSK Requirement: No



1. Apply at “Online Application System”
2. A passport photo 
3. Copy of whole passport 
4. Copy of your High-School degree transcript (Notarized English translation if applicable )
5. Copy of your High-School degree certificate (Notarized English translation if applicable)
6. English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)
7. Family financial statement