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(Master of Business Administration)


The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a taught programme delivered by experienced faculty, and complemented by guest practitioner speakers from industry and the professions. Over a two year and half study period, the MBA combines intensive class learning and no less than half year profession practice.

Successful businesses in the future will be those that can confidently and capably steer a path through a world characterised by intense competition, rapid technological development, economic turbulence and increasing resource insecurity. Businesses need leaders who can think and act strategically in this volatile environment, managing the risk and challenges involved, but also spotting and seizing opportunities for efficiency, innovation and new business models. Businesses also need leaders who will act responsibly in delivering value to all stakeholders.

The MBA of LSHU will prepare participants to progress with confidence into leadership roles in this new world. We will deepen participants’ understanding of how businesses and markets work, how value is created through innovation and marketing, how strategies are crafted, how businesses are financed, how performance is measured, how value is delivered efficiently and effectively, and how organisations should be governed, managed and led through change.

The programme aims to develop leaders who:

  • demonstrate a strategic mind-set and skill-set
  • recognise their role as responsible stewards of financial, social and natural capital
  • are capable of leading improvement, change and innovation in organisations
  • are confident and capable critical thinkers and decision-makers
  • have an international perspective
  • value and take advantage of the benefits of collaborative and lifelong learning

After the first month, every MBA student will choose a supervisor and the supervisor will hold the responsibility for instructing the full progress of student’s study.  During two years study, every MBA student must complete 45 study credits including 33 credits of compulsory courses, 6 credits of optional courses and 6 credits of profession practice. 

Main Courses: Business English, Management, Commercial Law, Managerial Economics, Accountancy, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management of Enterprise, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management and System, Production and Operation Management, Enterprise Research, Business Planning and Design, Business Simulation Exercise, Outward Training etc..



Academic Requirement: Bachelor Degree with no less than three years working experience or Postgraduate Degree with no less than two years working experience.

HSK Requirement: No



1.Apply at “Online Application System”
2. A passport photo 
3. Copy of all pages of passport. (From the first page to last page) 
4. Copy of your Bachelor degree transcript (Notarized English translation if applicable )

5. Copy of both your Bachelor degree certificate and graduation certificate or postgraduate degree certificate and graduation certificate (Notarized English translation if applicable)
6. English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)
7. Family financial statement

8. Recommendation letters from at least two different professors