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Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering

(Master of Engineering)


The postgraduate program (master level) Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering provided by international education Collage of Liaoning Shihua University belongs to the discipline of Oil-Gas Engineering and it aims to recognize oil and gas reservoir and more over to develop oil and gas reservoir with using comprehensive modern techniques. It not only teaches students the methods for developing the oil and gas field but also instructs students to  wisely make decisions when developing oil and gas fields. The Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering includes: 1)oil and gas field early evaluation and the study about feasibility of field development; 2) design and implementation of oil and gas field development; 3) local adjustment and global adjustment about the development program.

The postgraduate program Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering mainly includes five research directions: 1)the theory and application about oil and gas transfusion; 2) development theory and system engineering of oil and gas field; 3) the theory and application of oil production engineering; 4)oil production rate improvement and oil production chemistry; 5) non-conventional energy (oil and gas) exploitation theory and technique.

For completing this program, the students need master solid basic knowledge of math, physics, chemistry, geology and oil and gas reservoir engineering and master the basic theories and methods about oil and gas field development engineering. It require graduates can could utilize different knowledge and techniques learned before to analyze and solve practical issues about field development. Besides, the qualified graduates could acquire enough competence to individually implement research work, teaching work or management on relevant fields.

Main courses:Natural Dialectics, Technology term,numerical analysis,mathematical physics,advanced hydrodynamics,Advanced reservoir physics,Theory and technology of oilfield chemistry, Academicactivities,Proposal,Advanced reservoir engineering,Reservoir simulation,New technology progress of oilfield development,Oil and gas well stimulation technology,Modern mathematical geology,advanced fluid mechanics in porous medium,Comprehensive log interpretation,three-dimensional geological reservoir modeling,the technology of oil reservoir protection,Rock Mechanics,artificial lift technology,Principles and methodsofEnhanced oil recovery,Management and management of oil and gas reservoirs 




Academic Requirement: Bachelor Degree

HSK Requirement: No



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